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  • Roman Gold Mining in Valongo (Porto, Portugal), Teaser

    Roman Gold Mining in Valongo (Porto, Portugal), Teaser

    Documentary about the gold mining history in Valongo (Porto, Portugal) and speleological exploration of said 2000 years old mines. C’est le teaser du documentaire sur l’histoire de l’extraction de l’or à Valongo, Porto, Portugal et son exploration spéléologique dans des mines considéré de deux mille ans. By : AltoRelevo Clube de Montanhismo Team members : João Montinho, Vitor Gandra e outros Original title : Roman gold mining in Valongo (Porto, Portugal), teaser (documentary will be presented the 8th of November) Release […]

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  • Miniera Della Bagnada

    Miniera Della Bagnada

    This video was released by an association of local municipalities (Unione dei Comuni della Valmalenco) with the purpose to make people aware of the existence of the Museum. Valmalenco is well known for its beautiful mountains and great ski slopes, but just a few people know it’s a very interesting area from a mineralogical point of view. The Museum also tells the story of the Valley before it became a touristic area. Other languages: http://www.youtube.com/user/ValmalencoTurismo

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  • Un Voyage Hors du Temps

    Un Voyage Hors du Temps

    The film Un Voyage Hors du Temps (A Journey Out of Time) is entirely self-financed and has been uploaded onto the Internet to be shared by all. The making of this film has in itself been a complete adventure, from a logistics and financial perspective as well as on a human level. If you have enjoyed the film, you have the option to make a donation (even a very small amount is welcome), by following the link below. By contributing in this […]

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  • Unicycle Caving

    Unicycle Caving

    Unicycle caving… That’s pretty much what it is. By: Garrett and Garrett Videography

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  • Sky Caves of Nepal, Part 2: The Scientist

    National Geographic grantee and archaeologist Mark Aldenderfer reveals the treasures waiting to be discovered within the sky caves of Nepal — stunning murals, deteriorating manuscripts, and ancient artifacts — in the second of this three-part series. Published on 19 Nov 2012

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  • Sky Caves of Nepal, Part 3: The Photographer

    Photographer and adventurer Cory Richards chronicles the challenges and dangers of exploring the far-flung caves of Nepal, in the exciting conclusion of this three-part series. Published on 19 Nov 2012

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