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  • No Place on Earth OFFICIAL Trailer from Magnolia Pictures

    No Place on Earth OFFICIAL Trailer from Magnolia Pictures

    NO PLACE ON EARTH brings to light the untold story of thirty-eight Ukrainian Jews who survived World War II by living in caves for eighteen months, the longest-recorded sustained underground survival. Built upon interviews with former cave inhabitants, as well as Chris Nicola, the caving enthusiast who unearthed the story, NO PLACE ON EARTH is an extraordinary testament to ingenuity, willpower and endurance against all odds NoPlaceOnEarth Release date: 21/2/2013 MagnoliaPictures

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  • The Abyss Trailer

    The Abyss Trailer

    This is the trailer of a speleological documentary about The Abyss of Malga Fossetta, the deepest (at the time) cave in veneto, north Italy. The documentary brings the watcher into a virtual exploration into the most important branches of The Abyss, discovered since year 1972 by lots of caves teams from around all Italy (with a great effort of the Gruppo Grotte Schio, Gruppo Grotte Trevisiol and Gruppo Grotte Emilio Roner Rovereto). The Abyss never broke the 1000mt deep, but […]

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