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  • Conquista do Conduto Faísca – Caverna de Santana – PETAR

    Conquista do Conduto Faísca – Caverna de Santana – PETAR

    In 2010, the discovery of a small tributary canal in Gallery Menezes, which was interrupted by a semi-siphon with strong winds, indicated a point with a possible continuity of Santana Cave (Cave of Roncador, Krone 1909). On May 1st 2014, we achieved the transposition of this semi-siphon confirming our suspicion. We discovered, explored and mapped a conduct of 65 meters called Conduit Spark. With the addition of this new conduit, Cave Santana reaches a development of 8540 meters (Horizontal Projection […]

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  • 2º Expedição Santa Catarina – Abril 2014

    2º Expedição Santa Catarina – Abril 2014

    Expedition aiming the location of sandstone caves with calcite speleothems in Alto Vale do Itajaí, Brazil’s southern region. Nine caves have been identified in the municipalities of Atalanta, Laurentino, Rio do Oeste, Ibirama e Presidente Getúlio, six of which were instances of speleothems. Besides the field trip, the caving expedition team savored the rich local cuisine and experienced local customs and traditions. By: Grupo Pierre Martin de Espeleologia Team members : Grupo Pierre Martin de Espeleologia Original title : 2º Expedição Santa Catarina […]

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  • Un Voyage Hors du Temps

    Un Voyage Hors du Temps

    The film Un Voyage Hors du Temps (A Journey Out of Time) is entirely self-financed and has been uploaded onto the Internet to be shared by all. The making of this film has in itself been a complete adventure, from a logistics and financial perspective as well as on a human level. If you have enjoyed the film, you have the option to make a donation (even a very small amount is welcome), by following the link below. By contributing in this […]

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  • Caves 2013: Discovery

    Caves 2013: Discovery

    Members of the CAVES 2013 crew talk about exploring inside the Sa Grutta cave – comparing their experience to arriving on the surface of a planet like Mars, where you don’t quite know what to expect. CAVES, ESA’s unique training programme for astronauts, takes place over the next couple of weeks in Sardinia’s Supramonte. Six astronauts will spend two weeks deep in caves, in the dark and cold. They will be separated from the outside world, doing scientific research and […]

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  • Retziki Cave

    Retziki Cave

    Exploration of a new discovered cave near the city of Thessaloniki… By : Christos Pennos & Yorgos Sotiriadis Team members : Christos Pennos & Yorgos Sotiriadis Original title : Retziki cave Release date : 27/05/2013

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  • Sky Caves of Nepal, Part 3: The Photographer

    Photographer and adventurer Cory Richards chronicles the challenges and dangers of exploring the far-flung caves of Nepal, in the exciting conclusion of this three-part series. Published on 19 Nov 2012

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