Roman Gold Mine, Documentary Teaser

Documentary about the gold mining history in Valongo (Porto, Portugal) and speleological exploration of said 2000 years old mines. By : […]

Un Voyage Hors du Temps

The film Un Voyage Hors du Temps (A Journey Out of Time) is entirely self-financed and has been uploaded onto the Internet […]

Unicycle Caving

Unicycle caving… That’s pretty much what it is. By: Garrett and Garrett Videography

The Abyss Trailer

This is the trailer of a speleological documentary about The Abyss of Malga Fossetta, the deepest (at the time) cave […]


Supramonte is a limestone plateau in central-eastern Sardinia, wild and unspoiled heritage is a Site of Community Importance (SCI). Aerial […]