The Attraction of the Unknown

Why I am caver? Why choose caves? What do I find in caves? Is it dangerous? Is it exhausting? …
Those are some of the questions of every caver. Here is some answers…

By : Tomaz Grdin
Team members : Damijan Sinigoj, Predrag Lalic
Languages : Other
Subtitles: English
Release date : 12/06/2014
Club / structure : JRS – Jamarska zveza Slovenije / Slovenian Cave Rascue Service



  1. Superbe…Groupe Spéléologique de Charleroi!Merci,Thanks…Jean Louis

  2. David Lagrou says:

    As an anctive explo-caver I like many of the statements in the film. I shared the film with my speleo colleagures of spekul (Belgian speleo group)