Speleo-TV Rules and Guidelines

Speleo-TV is an FSE project for all cavers from Europe and around the world. It is the place to
share your videos, find and enjoy the videos of other amateurs and professionals.
You don’t need to be neither European nor a member of FSE to get your videos on Speleo-TV.
We are happy to broadcast all great speleological and caving videos on the Web-TV.

By accepting these rules and conditions, you give FSE the permission to distribute the video in question.

1. Ethical Rules

Speleo-TV won’t publish video if the video:

1. Does not have remotely anything to do with speleology or caving.
2. Violates or breaches any law or the FSE Charta and Rules, UIS Code of ethics and the
principles of friendship and solidarity between cavers.
3. Presents sexually explicit content or pornography, exploits minors.
4. Depicts animal cruelty or incite destruction of caves or cave formation.
5. Has hateful, defamatory or discriminatory content or incite hatred against any individual or

2. Copyright

To send a video or a video-link to Speleo-TV, you guarantee that you own the rights to use
and publish the video in question.
If the video contains third party content (video, music, images), you must have the right to use
the content.
The video must not infringe any third party copyrights or other intellectual property.
FSE is not responsible in the case of any violation of third party copyright or other intellectual
property, and will not publish or will remove immediately any video that does not comply with
these rules.

3. Advertising

Advertising is possible for the speleological events with no commercial purpose, such like
speleological congresses or gatherings, trainings, conferences and symposiums, meetings
and workshops etc.

4. Abuse

To report a video that violates the rules or guidelines in any form, please email us at: speleo- with your complaint. Please provide as much relevant information as