FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can I send a video to Speleo-TV ?
    You can send it wit the send a link to speleo-tv@eurospeleo.org
  2. Who can send videos to Speleo-TV ?
    Everybody with caving/speleological videos can send videos to Speleo-TV.
  3. Are my videos used for commercial purposes ?
    FSE will not use the videos for commercial purposes.
  4. Where can I report miss use ?
    To report a video that violates the rules or guidelines, please e-mail us at : speleo-tv@eurospeleo.org with your complaint. Please provide as much relevant information as possible.
  5. How many films can I send ?
    As many as you have.
  6. Do I need to be a member of the FSE to submit ?
    You don’t have to be a member of the FSE to send your videos.