This is the first teaser for the upcoming documentary about the deepest Croatian cave – Lukina jama.

In August 2013 one of the most difficult and complex cave-diving expeditions in the world – Expedition “Lukina jama – sifon 2013”. The cave system Lukina jama – Trojama is the deepest cave system in Croatia and amongst the deepest in the world.

Preparations for the expedition took two years. The main goal of the expedition was diving in the lake at the bottom of the cave. During the whole expedition, more than 120 cavers and friends of caving passed trough the base camp, including members of 21 Croatian caving organizations and 10 foreign caving organizations ( Mexico, Italy, Ukraine, Slovenia, Serbia and Poland).

The expedition was organized under the guidance of SK Željezničar and co-organized by Nacionalni park Sjeverni Velebit, udruga Breganja, Hrvatsko biospeleološko društvo, Hrvatski speleološki savez, Zagrebački speleološki savez, Komisija za speleologiju HPS-a i Istarski speleološki savez.

It was an amazing adventure to be a part of this expedition. The full length documentary should be out in late February 2014.

I recommend watching fullscreen in HD quality for best experience.