Original title: Pozzo Precenicco pulizia con migranti ott2016 ICS CAT MiTi

Cleaning il Pozzo presso Prescenico

 A small  group of migrants that joined the project of the MiTi, CAT and ICS associations, went back to work, as volunteers, to clean the karst cavities filled in the past decades with tons of waste.

The cave has three vertical pits on which you can see a conspicuous presence of ferns (deer tongue). The NW wall, however, allows an easy descent down to a small cavern artificially enlarged, during the First World War, by the Austro-Hungarian.

The wall that descends from the ground level with a single overhanging jump has a singular appearance: only a few small circular holes break the monolithic uniformity and compactness of the rock, made up of a rather dark limestone.

The video describe the second field excursion with refugees in Trieste. This time we are dealing with a cave filled, over the decades, by a considerable variety and quantity of waste of all kinds. Less plastic than what we find today, but a lot of ferrous material. Fortunately, not many really polluting substances: a car battery and a few drums of chemical material. The area extending between Precenico and Malchina has few elements of superficial and deep karst. The terrain is grassy, rather undulating, with some limited outcrops of dolomitic limestone and small calcite deposits, while only in correspondence with some more steep dolines do short tracked fields and showy calcareous banknotes appear. The cavities are very few and this is the most evident, being a very large chasm that once must have certainly had a greater depth.

To reach the cavity, you have to take the road that leads from the lower Precenico town to Malchina. After passing the town of Lower Precenico, continue until you pass the intersection, located on the left, for the locality of Slivia. After a further 250 meters we will find, on the right, a dirt road closed by a wooden gate. Take this tratturo and after a hundred meters we will find ourselves under the wires of the high voltage power line. It continues along the air path of the power line in direction NW (towards the country Malchina) and, in short, we will see on the left, the wide opening of the well.