Ghnomus a short film by Federico Thieme, shot in 1984 in collaboration with the Speleo Club Orobico.

Ghnomus is the grotesque story of two speleologists who explore a cave, leaving traces of their presence a little too evident. The arrogance and stupidity of these characters puts them in conflict with the gnome who lives in the cave. At first the indignant gnome tries to clean up and tidy up the damage that speleologists are causing to the underground environment but then, exasperated, he decides to teach them a lesson. 

A silent video made with a cinematic technique reminiscent of 1920s films. 

The author’s message is clear: respect the caves as if they were our home! 

By identifying with the protagonist gnome, anyone will understand how annoying and sometimes upsetting it is to find themselves in the situation of feeling evicted by new tenants who are disrespectful of places shared with other inhabitants.