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The Attraction of the Unknown

Why I am caver? Why choose caves? What do I find in caves? Is it dangerous? Is it exhausting? … […]

10th Presidente Olegário Expedition

Video depicting the 10th Expedition President Olegario – MG, held from December 28th 2013 to January 4th 2014, when members of the GPME had […]

Un Voyage Hors du Temps

The film Un Voyage Hors du Temps (A Journey Out of Time) is entirely self-financed and has been uploaded onto the Internet […]

11th Spelunking Calbiga Caves 2013

A compilation of pics and videos from event participants of the 11th Spelunking at Calbiga Caves in Calbiga, Samar. Langun-Gobingob […]

Caves 2012 – ESA long version

ESA CAVES course designer Loredana Bessone and the astronauts that took part in CAVES 2012 recount their experiences this year. […]

Espeleología, Maneras de vivir

A homage to all cavers that have contributed to the Sistema Sima Gesm – Sima de la Luz explorations. Hope […]

Caves 2013: Discovery

Members of the CAVES 2013 crew talk about exploring inside the Sa Grutta cave – comparing their experience to arriving […]

Retziki Cave

Exploration of a new discovered cave near the city of Thessaloniki… By : Christos Pennos & Yorgos Sotiriadis Team members […]

Lummelunda 2013

Cave diving in Lummelunda, Gotland, Sweden in June 2013. By: Ralf Strandell Finnish Caving Society More videos: