Supramonte is a limestone plateau in central-eastern Sardinia, wild and unspoiled heritage is a Site of Community Importance (SCI). Aerial sequences show a beautiful landscape , so the viewer gradually discovers the wonders of nature and the value of the land: the major sites of speleological and karst (underground shooting); types of landscape in different seasons of the year, the human presence and the activities for sustainable development. Main actors in the film are primarily “people” in the area, the work is a documentary film with elements of fiction.

By : Davide Melis

Team members : Director: Davide Melis

Screenplay: Davide Melis & Pamela Sau

Cinematographer: Luca Melis & Alessandro Beltrame Editor: Davide Melis

Music: Romeo Scaccia

Assistant: Riccardo De Luca, Fabrizio Serri, Salvatore Cabras, Vittorio Crobu, Corrado Conca

Scientific advisor: Prof.Jo De Waele Voice:Simeone Latini

Original title : Supramonte

Languages : English, French, Other
Sous-titres : English, French, Other

Release date : 10/01/2013