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Ario Dream (Trailer)

The entire movie is available at Vimeo ondemad service *** People’s Choice Award *** Kendal Mountain Film Festival Movie […]

Caving before quarantine

A short video of our latest activity, before quarantine by: GEQ – Grupo Espeleogico de Queretaro, caving group. (Caption in […]

Doli Pit, Italy

Doli  Pit is located at Monte Livata (Subiaco Italy), at 1380 m of altitude. It takes its name from the dolichopoda, a […]

Cave Jojar Expedition 2016

EN During the month of August 2016, 35 cavers from 4 countries, Lebanon, Bulgaria, Iran and of course Mexico, explore […]

Kan-i-Gut: P70

This video explains and shows how the P70, as it was excluded from going down there for obvious security reasons, […]

Grotte di Castellana

EN The Caves :Grotte di Castellana are one of the most important touristic site of Puglia and a relevant natural […]

Postojna Cave

EN Postojna Cave is an almost 25 km long karst cave system near Postojna, southwest Slovenia. It is one of […]

Grotte di Frasassi, Italy

EN The Frasassi Caves are an amazing karst cave system in the municipality of Genga, Italy, in the province of […]

EuroSpeleo Project

Northern Luzon International Caving Expedition, Philippines Expédition Spéléologique International dans le nord du Luzon, Philippines.  EN An international caving expedition […]